Top Message

"Where there are people, there need be dreams"
- We will continue to present the world's most moving performances -

President Junichi Nihei

"The inspiration of experiencing true art gives people energy for living."
Based on this strong conviction, we at Japan Arts have been presenting the world’s most outstanding cultural and performing arts to audiences for more than 40 years since our company was founded in 1976.

In recent years Japanese artists have been achieving remarkable success throughout the world, and we also continue to strengthen our efforts in support of these artists’ international activities.

While responding to the rapidly changing global situation, we will be truly happy if we can continue to work in cooperation and share timeless, unchanging values while celebrating differences in country and culture.

We will continue to devote our efforts to bringing inspiration and riches of the heart and mind to as many people as possible through magnificent art.

We will be grateful for your continued support.

Jun-ichi Nihei, President
Japan Arts Corporation